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Canada has over 100 Immigration Programs through which you and your family can legally immigrate, based on your eligibility or which you are qualified for. A smarter way to start is taking an online assessment to determine the best pathway to go, let our experts guide you throughout your processing.

Canada is now Easier (with as low as 4.0. IELTS Score), Faster (process takes from 3-10months), and Cheaper (Proof Of Funds is as low as CAD$3,240).
Are you serious about Canada? First things first, Check Your Eligibility.

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Let our consultants guide you through your processing.

The process for immigrating to Canada can be overwhelming for most people, however with the assistance of our experts who simplifies it to you, it becomes much easier, and your chances of success; much higher.

Book a session with a licensed immigration consultant with good standing with IRCC, ICCRC, CICRC, now to get answers to all your Canadian Immigration questions.

‹what we do›

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to know which immigration program offers you and your family the highest chances.

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Do your

Gain admission and Study Visa to do Degree or Masters with Fully Funded Scholarship.

Get a second passport and get dual citizenship of another country from as low as $100,000 at migrate.agency

Get Second Passport to travel to over 200 countries Visa-Free or Visa on Arrival from $10,000.

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You need

1on1 Consultation

with an immigration professional to guide you and your family through an Immigration Plan.

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Get Good

Yes you and your family and immigrate to Canada without spending your own money.

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Discover ways you can sponsor your family members to join you in Canada legally.

Immigrate to United States, Australia, United Kingdom, or the United Arab Emirates Dubai

Immigrate Overseas

Interested in Immigrating legally to the United States, Australia, United Kingdom or the UAE?

Let's help you Migrate to Canada with migratetocanada.agency

Immigration Program

Get Assistance with processing Express Entry, PNP, AIPP, AFIP, RNIP, QSI, CRS, and more.

Take your local business intercontinental by opening a branch in Canada through Business Immigration

opens a Canadian Branch of a local business anywhere in the world with lots of benefits. 

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to provide security and a bright future for your children with dual citizenship and so much more.

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Travel Free Club

Yes you and your family and immigrate to Canada without spending your own money.

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to Dubai, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Maldives, Nairobi, Barbados, etc.

MigratetoCanada Agency (M2C) is looking to hire good talents. 

in Dubai, Canada, United States Of America, United Kingdom, etc

pays 10% commission to anyone for referring travellers.

to increase your Permanent Residency Prospects abroad.

is a Cheaper, Faster and Easier way to Own A Travel Agency.


Actualise your Canadian Dream! Let's help you get started.

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