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"Migrate to Canada Agency (MCA) is a team of experienced Immigration Consultants and Attorneys with a combined 5 decades years of experience.

We are licensed emigrants helping migrants migrate abroad legally."

What We Do at MCA


Canadian Immigration

Canada has 118 Immigration Programs. MCA got experts who specialize in all. Let's help you achieve your immigration dream. We handle everything Canada Immigration. Contact us today.


Schengen / European Immigration

We've assisted a lot of Africans to secure their Study & Work Permits as well as Temporal & Permanent Residency in any of the Schengen & European countries. Start Your Process with us today.


Australian Immigration

We've helped a lot of Africans secure their Australian Work & Study Permit, and Permanent Residency. Australia is a great alternative to Canada if you are looking for a country that doesn't require IELTS.


New Zealand Immigration

We provide Nigerians with all the assistance they need to legally settle in New Zealand. This is done through studies, employment, or Permanent Residence Applications. Start your process with us today.


Studying  Abroad

Do your Junior & Senior High, College, or University Studies in any school worldwide, without writing IELTS. Get Study Permits, Visa Support, Accommodation (on/off campus), POF - Proof Of Funds, and more.


International Tests & Exams Support

We provide assistance with all international tests including; GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, TCF, TEF, etc to help you increase your scores for Permanent Resident Applications, Work, and Study in Canada to other countries.


Eligibility Assessment & Consultation

Are you planning to migrate to Canada through Study, Work, or Residency? You'll need to do an eligibility assessment. It's a smarter way to determine the program you are eligible for, and increase your chances.


Business Migration

You can migrate your local business overseas to Canada, Dubai, Australia, Poland, the US, the US, etc. Our legal team can help with the entire paperwork plus you can get a business bank account setup, etc.


Buy A Home Overseas

MCA helps new home buyers avoid common mistakes made when buying properties in Canadian provinces. Saving money and maximizing deals in the property market as well as accessing financing.


United States Immigration

From Green Card, Permanent Residence, Family Sponsorship Visiting Visas, Studying in the US, Business or investments, Denied Entry, Settling in the US, US Citizenship, and more, we cover these services.


Middle-Eastern Asia Immigration

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai has the easiest, fastest, simplest, surest, and safest Residency, particularly for Africans. Get yours within 2 to 8weeks. All you need is a valid Passport ID, Photo & Payment


Residency By Investments

This is considered one of the easiest, fastest ways Nigerians immigrate abroad.  There are over 10 countries you can get your residency through short or long-term investment from $100,000 upwards.


Citizenship By Investments

Are you looking to get a 2nd Passport and become a Dual Citizen in another country? We have 10 countries to pick from. Gift your family a safer future through investments in top tier countries.


Working Abroad

We provide assistance with securing employment abroad. Pre-Interview Coaching, Work Permit Visas, Documentation, CV Conversation, and more. We offer results-based service for Africans.


If you're a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada and want to bring your family members to join you, we can help you with your family sponsorship applications. Both for parents and grandparents.


Travel Visa Assist
& Consults

We provide assistance for all Tourist or Visitor Visas, Medical Visas, Study & Work Permits, Documentation, Spousal Visas, Visa Denials appeals, help with Inadmissibility matters, Visa ban & legal issues.



MCA partnered with SMMRT Agency to create a payment method for people who want to migrate abroad without spending their own money. They pay using earnings made from referring others.


Settlement in Canada

MCA provides assistance with settlements for new Canadian Residents who need help on the where, how, who, and whys of studying, working, living, or residing in choice Canadian province as a newbie.

Our immigration consultants are from 10 nationalities including Nigerians, Americans, Brits, Ivorians, Emiratis, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Australian, South Africans, and Canadians

Only hire experienced experts for immigration Processing.

The one thing that stood out for me about M2C was the fact that they are conspicuously a very honest company. I got value during my consultation with the immigration experts. I have confidently referred friends to them.

Mr. Gambo

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