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  A SMMRTer Way to Immigrate  
  Abroad with family for FREE  

SMMRTPay Payment Plan is helping families reduce the cost of their trips overseas. It can be personalized to cover up to 99.99% of the entire cost of the trip for Single, Couples, Common-Law Partners, and the Family. 


How SMMRTPay Works

The simplified version

Travel Worldwide, Pay for your Dream Car or Home, Go on All Expenses Paid Holidays, Study, Work, or Migrate Abroad for absolutely FREE with SMMRTPay.

Pick A SMMRT Dream or aspiration and we'll help you create a SMMRTPay Plan that'll pay for it.

For instance, you want to migrate to Canada with your family, and you can't afford to, we'll create a Plan that will pay for all the expenses, plus leave you with extra cash, 

SMMRTPay Payment Plan is helping families reduce the cost of their trips overseas. It can be personalized to cover up to 99.99% of the entire cost of the trip for Single, Couples, Common-Law Partners, and the Family. 


This includes but is not limited to ° Eligibility Assessments & Consultation ° Visa ° Flights ° Covid-19 Antigen & PCR Tests ° Airport Transfers ° Tourist Activities ° Studying Abroad ° School Fees ° Proof Of Funds (POF) ° Holiday Packages ° Employment Packages ° Business Set-Up Overseas ° Overseas Immigration ° Dual Citizenship and so much more.



What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate?
All you need is people. Even without a smartphone or internet, if you can refer people who might be interested in a travel product or service, you can earn money. If you have a smart phone and can access the internet, even better. 

Frequently Asked Questions about MCA's SMMRTPay


How can I migrate abroad for FREE with a SMMRTPay Plan?
First, you'll need to choose a package, to create a plan. For instance, migrating to Canada cost $6,000. You'll only need to refer 10 people to get the same package for FREE. And our team is here to provide you with all the assistance you'll need..

Can I refer people without them knowing I did?
Absolutely. The incognito referral is a perfect option for you. All you need to do is provide their contact details, and we will contact them anonymously. When we close them, you earn. 



How much is the commission?
There is no fixed amount. What you earn depends largely on the type of SMMRT Affiliate you are. Freelancers earn 10%, Agents earn 20%, Locals earn 10%, and SMMRT Business chooses their earnings. So your earning depends on you.

When do I get paid?
Instantly. Affiliate Payouts are made the moment we confirm payment. If there are any delays, it is usually due to bank & payment gateways. We only pay you when the client you referred pays us and we see the funds.



What Travel Products & Services can I make money from?
Everything Travel! From Visa, Flight, Hotel, Airport Transfers, Events, Tourist Attractions Tickets, Covid19 Tests, Study, Work, Business, Investment, Immigration, Dual Citizenship, Child Birth, POF, Eligibility Assessment, etc.

Can I MarkUp My Earnings?
That depends on the type of SMMRT Affiliate that you are. Freelancers are not allowed to markup their earnings. SMMRT Agents and Locals can markup. That said, you can always upgrade your smmrt type if you want to.



Can I Earn In Foreign Currency?
Absolutely. All Payouts made to affiliates are made in the currency that the referred client paid. For instance, if the client paid in USDollars, you earn in same currency, That said, if you want, you can request that we pay you in a local currency of choice.



How Do I Get Paid?
That depends. During your registration you are required to provide a bank account where your payouts are made into. You can alternatively be paid via a mobile money, or preferred channel. That's for you to choose.

How Can I Find People/Travellers?
Everywhere! There are travellers online & offline; Social Media, Churches, Mosques, Offices, Friends, Family, Schools,, even in your personal contact. All you need do is refer them to us and we'll close them.

Didn't find answers to your Questions? That's fine, signup by filling our the interest form, you will be automatically directed to join the SMMRT Telegram Group. There you can find more answers to question others have asked about SMMRT. You can ask your questions.

SMMRTPay Opportunities 

There are alot of benefits of being a SMMRT Affiliate. See below for a few;

› Simplicity:

Simply Refer, we do all the heavy lifting of closing client so you can Earn.

• Commission Earnings:

You Earn 5% – 10% Commission for referring each client.

• Instant Payouts:

You’re paid the instant we’ve received credited payment from client.

• No Limits:

No Limitations on how much you earn daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

• Quick Start:

You can signup now, start referring, and earning immediately.

• Three (3) Step Process:

Step 1: SignUp by Filling the Form.

Step 2: Refer people to MCA.

Step 3: Earn commission from referral.

• Very Basic Requirements:

All you'll need to make money as a SMMRT Affiliate, all you'll need are people to start earning. Hainvg a smartphone, & the internet is a plus.

• Sell to Global Prospects:

Refer & Earn commission from people from anywhere in the world.

• Earn Hard Currencies:

Commissions are paid in both local and foreign currencies. You earn in the currency the client is paying.

• The SMMRTPay Plan:

You can get your own travel package for Free by referring 10+ people. There are travel products and services that pays you 10% commission for everyone you refer. Referring 10people qualifies you for a 100% commission. which can pay for your own package.


For instance, you want to migrate to Canada with your family, and it cost $10,000. By referring 10 people, you'll be earning $10,000, this goes to paying for your own Canada Migration Package, without you spending your money. The commission pays for the package instead. The same thing applies if you want to travel on holiday or buy a car or a property.

• Enjoy Passive-like Income:

We answer all the hard questions and follow up with the clients to close them so all you do is Refer & Earn.

• Billion Dollars MarketPlace:

Earn from over 1000+ Travel Products & Services within the Travel Industry.

• Incognito Mode Referral:

If you prefer that the people that you are referring don't know that you did refer them, that's totally possible with the Incognito Referral.

If you provide their contact details, we will contact them, and followup till they pay for a travel package.

• MarkUp Earnings:

Depending on your SMMRT Type, you can markup your earnings so that you make more money on each client you refer to SMMRT Partners. 

• Group Conversion:

We’ll come to talk at your company, or church, mosque, schools, union, even fellowship, association, political group, or at your seminars. You can earn 6 - 7 figures in commission with ease using this method.

• SMMRT Business:

You can start your own travel business in as early as 2weeks. The best part is that, smmrt handles everything you need. You manage your clientele, and smmrt Partners handles the jobs, while you determine your earnings. This is a really smart way to become a Boss.

SMMRTPay Stories

Mrs. Akpan

The SMMRTPay is a straight forward process. It helped our family reduce our cost of immigrating to Canada. We only paid $100 but we saved $9,800.

Beauty Portrait

Lady Doris

With SMMRTPay I was able to immigrate to Canada without spending my own money. I referred others & used the commission I earned to pay for mine. 

Mr. Lanre

For me I've saved 100% on my processing cost, plus I made an extra buck. So my processing cost $5,000 but I've earned over $20,000 referring travellers to M2C.

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