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Access Work
Sponsorship Opportunities

  Learn how you too can get a Scholarship,  
Employment abroad on Sponsorship.  

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Yes! It's True. Foreign Employers Sponsor Nigerians via Visa Sponsorship.

Visit Google and search for "visa sponsorship employers" or "visa sponsorship for Nigerians" You will find links to many companies that are currently sponsoring foreign workers from Nigeria, to come and work for them in their country through a work visa sponsorship program.


Note: There is no such thing as a 100% FREE Visa Sponsorship, however, if you have internet, you can access available Sponsorship opportunities overseas without hiring any travel agency. If you cannot afford agency fees, we strongly recommend that you do it yourself. You Can!

Our cheapest Work Package cost ₦2.5m. Many people cannot afford that. Based on high demand, our sponsorship plans are a cheaper way to have an expert help you increase your chances of getting visa sponsorship abroad.

This is exclusively for those who can afford between
₦50,000 and ₦500,000.

Visa Sponsorship

Only fill out this form if you are interested.




Please be advised that M2C's Visa Sponsorship Plans are not for everybody. It is EXCLUSIVELY for those who can afford to pay for the services offered, and who have read through, understood, and accept our straightforward service terms and conditions.

If you need clarity on any aspects of the services offered, or our terms before you proceed, please do so. Ask all the questions you need to ask, and get answers and understanding. Note that Paid Subscriptions are NON-REFUNDABLE!

Work Sponsorship Plans

You can enjoy up to 50% off when you pay within 24 hours.

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  • Get Sponsorship Updates globally.

  • Get Exclusive VSG Telegram Access.

  • Yearly Subscription.

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  • Tier 1 Plan plus

  • Includes Eligibility & Consultation.

  • Document Checks.

  • Resume Revamp.

  • Email Support.

  • Yearly Subscription.

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  • Teir 2 Plan plus

  • Employer Matching.

  • Resume Boosting.

  • LinkedIn Profile Revamp. 

  • Pre-Interview Guide

  • Email Support.

  • Includes Lifetime Subscription.

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  • Tier 3 Plan Plus

  • LinkedIn Profile Management.

  • Sponsorship Jobs Application.

  • PreInterview Guide

  • Interview Boosting

  • Job Offer Counsel.

  • 24 Hours Support.

  • Includes Lifetime Subscription.

Pay in 24 hours

Save Upto 50% Off

Pay in 46 hours

Save Upto 40% Off

Pay in 72 hours

Save Upto 30% Off

Pay in 98 hours

Save Upto 20% Off

Pay in 120 hours

Save Upto 10% Off

10 Mindsets Shifts

You'll need the right kind of orientation to increase your chances of success, and not ruin sponsorship opportunities for everyone.


First things first, stay humble and be appreciative. Most people approach this with an entitlement mentality. No employer owes you sponsorship.


PATIENCE is Principal! Dedication is a known secret to successfully getting Visa Sponsorship. The process takes time, you'll need a lot of these.


Be Active and responsive. Whenever you get links to employers offering sponsorship, and you are interested in it, apply immediately.


Visa Sponsorship is not for public announcements. We recommend that you first start working overseas before telling the world.


Visa Sponsorship cover up to 95% of the total cost of traveling abroad. In most cases, you should have some funds to cover petty expenses.


Visa Sponsorship Subscriptions are non-refundable. You need to be sure that you can afford it, and that you are ready to work together to win.


Pre-Interview Coaching increases your chances of performing well at the interview session. Pay attention and give it your best.


Don't be too choosy with job offers you get under visa sponsorship but be sure that you will not breach your Job Offer Contract Terms.


If you do anything that causes your Sponsorship to be withdrawn, your work visa may be canceled and you might be deported. Be Mindful.


When you get your visa sponsorship and you resume work, please be a good ambassador for your country. Be their best performing worker.

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Or, Start Making Millions Referring Travellers

to M2C as a SMMRT Affiliate.


We've simplified our service terms and conditions, so that it's intentionally simple and straightforward for everyone to understand. If you are interested and have paid for any of our Visa Sponsorship Plans, that means that you knew that it is something that you could as well do by yourself, but you've chosen to hire our services. This also means that you can afford it, and you already know that it is non-refundable once payment is made, regardless if you change your mind 1 second after paying. You also agree that you will work with us, so that we do our part, and you do yours towards your success. You also accept that we are not offering any promises outside the perks of the subscription stated, within the stipulated tenure.

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